After being evicted due to my friend’s failure to pay rent, I was left with few options. With an income of only $4000 a month and having been denied for 4 rental applications already, I knew that this would be a tough road. It seemed like no one wanted anything to do with me after the eviction, which made things even more difficult.

That’s when I stumbled upon Second Chance Rental Program Inc online. They promised they could help me find a place to live using alternative methods so that my rental history wouldn’t be exposed or affect my chances of getting approved again. Despite some initial doubts about their process, I decided it was worth a shot and signed up right away.

I’m happy to report that within 6 days of signing up with Second Chance Rental Program Inc., they got me approved for an apartment! The process involved creating something called a renter identification number which excluded any use of my social security number; this allowed them to keep my past rental history from coming into play during the application process. Everything went smoothly and before long, I had found myself back in the world of renters once again!