I couldn’t believe it. After months of searching and countless rejections, I was finally approved for an apartment. It all started when my brother threw a wild party at my place and I got evicted – talk about embarrassing! With no family in the city, I had nowhere to go but motels while I figured out

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so when a friend mentioned this rental company that helped people like me get approved for properties even with bad credit or low income, I thought why not? Even though their fees weren’t cheap, they seemed trustworthy enough so after filling out the necessary forms online, I paid up and waited anxiously to see if anything would come of it.

Much to my surprise (and relief!), within days of submitting everything they contacted me with news that one property had accepted me! As luck would have it, it was even better than what I originally applied for three bedrooms instead of two! A few weeks later the keys were in hand and now here we are – living happily ever after in our new place thanks to this amazing rental company who gave us hope when there seemed none left.